Posted by: Cathy | May 11, 2016

Trust – Strut

Coach Blog 051116 trust strut A while ago, I was listening to a davidji show on Hay House Radio and he pointed out that “strut” is an anagram for “trust”. I don’t remember the rest of the context, but I thought it was funny and tucked it back in my mind.

I think it’s true, though. When you trust the universe, you can walk with a bit of a strut. You have fewer worries and more confidence.

Think about walking in a place you love, somewhere you’re comfortable and happy … maybe a garden, a beach, or a forest, or just your favorite street in your favorite city. Think about your strut in this place. Maybe you walk a little more slowly, savoring the environment, walking with reverence and gratitude. This is your Trust Strut.

Practice your trust strut whether you’re walking in your special place or not. See if you can shift your mood or energy simply by walking in an intentional way. Strut your trust in the universe with your trust strut.


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