Posted by: Cathy | May 4, 2016


Coach Blog 050416 self-regard regarder When I went to see Iyanla Vanzant at Denver’s Mile Hi Church in March, she said something about self-care and having regard for yourself, which reminded me of the French word “regarder”, which means “to look at.”

The first step in self-care is to really look at yourself.
* Look at your needs, wants, and wishes.
* Look at your boundaries, your values, and your priorities.
* Look at your hopes, your dreams, and your goals.
* Look at your past, your present, and your future.

As you look, you build a relationship with yourself, you develop love for yourself, and you grow respect and admiration for yourself. Then you can act with love and respect to meet your own needs, which builds trust in yourself. With trust, you grow in self-confidence and inner strength. But it all starts with looking.

I invite you to look at yourself today; schedule a few minutes and just sit with yourself. Notice what thoughts or feelings arise. Don’t turn away, allow whatever wants to show up and just sit with it. Maybe journal or meditate or pray if you feel called, but at first just promise yourself to show up and look. Make it a regular practice to look at yourself and then start to take care of yourself.



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