Posted by: Cathy | May 2, 2016

Theme: May I? Permission

Coach Blog 050216 may i permission slip As you read this, I’m sauntering through Paris (or snug in my little hotel bed). I gave myself permission to go to Europe again, only 6 months since my Roma trip in November!

I paid off my car in 2012 and I’ve been regularly saving that car-payment money. I have an emergency fund, a someday house fund, and a vacation fund. Financially, I’m in a good place and can make it a priority to travel abroad. When I was younger, I ached to travel, especially to France and Italy. I waited until I felt like I could afford it, because I wanted to be responsible with my money and not get further into debt; and now that I can afford it, I am making it up to my younger self by going as often as I can.

* What did you ache to do when you were younger? Can you find a way to give it to yourself?

* What do you ache for right now? Can you give yourself permission to want it? Can you look for the possibility of making it happen?

I think desires arise in us for a reason; and not just that I desire a sumptuous lunch this afternoon, you know, the big aches deep inside us. Those are there for a reason, to spur us to action, to push through our comfort zones and try something new or daring, something that requires us to leap.

When you give yourself permission to desire, you give yourself permission to look at what you want, which makes your mind work on how to get it. To become more daring, look at your desires.

* What do you desire? Will you give yourself permission?



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