Posted by: Cathy | April 27, 2016

Squeaky Clean Emotionally?

Coach Blog 040416 april showers rain My theme this month was April Showers; “to consciously wash away some of the emotional stuff I don’t need.”

“For my inner April Showers, I’ll be continuing with more regularity on a practice I started intermitantly in January – I’m calling it my ‘DOC’ work, after something Barbara De Angelis said about how living a conscious, spiritual life is like getting a doctorate in being a human. I made DOC into an acronym: dancing over chaos.”

I had to really keep myself on task and make it a daily, not a weekly process. That is how it worked for me; I’m a creature of habit and it’s easier for me to stick with a daily habit than a weekly one, so I broke down a few different practices to do each day of the week. That way, if I missed one day, I could just pick up the next practice and stay present to what I could do that day.

I am still unpacking mental/emotional stuff and hope to make this a perpetual practice, as there is always something else to work through. Just like we need to wash our hands throughout the day and shower regularly to keep our bodies clean, I think we need to wash off the emotional stuff regularly to clear our minds and open our hearts.

I’m still in the early stages of this practice and I still feel resistance, but I’m already seeing and feeling the benefits, and those are helping me keep taking baby-steps forward; like when you start a fitness program and notice your pants fit a little better or new muscle definition you didn’t have before. It’s a lifestyle change for my mental and emotional health.

Do you have an emotional fitness program? Would you care to tell me about it? (Feel free to send a private message here.)



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