Posted by: Cathy | April 14, 2016

Artist Date: Il Volo Concert

Coach Blog 041416 il volo album cover About nine months ago, I started listening regularly to Radio Italia online (solo musica italiana! “only Italian music!”). I’ve come to really like some of the musicians they feature, and one of my early favorites was Il Volo.

They are a group of three young men (age 20-21) with beautiful baritone/tenor voices who do something I call opera-pop; they sing mostly melodic ballads. I’ve bought two of their digital albums and looked at their tour calendar online when I heard they were coming to the U.S. I thought, perhaps I could take a trip to NYC or something to see them perform but, to my surprise, they actually had a date in Denver!

So on March 22, I drove downtown, had pizza and wine for dinner, then went to the Paramount Theater, an old art-deco 1920s theater in Denver, to listen to i miei ragazzi (“my boys”).

The concert was really transcendent. They love singing and they love performing, and their voices are truly stunning. I can’t wait to see how they develop and mature as artists. Gianluca and Ignazio each sang a classic pop solo (one was from “West Side Story”) but Piero did two opera solos and his passion for opera makes me curious to hear more of it, especially from him. His joy is infectious and inspiring.

When you do what you love, you spread love. I’m so happy to support these three boys who are doing what they love and who share it so beautifully. I hope you’ll check them out, and spread the word about other artists you especially love. Recognize and applaud those people whose work is love.

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