Posted by: Cathy | April 6, 2016

Let it Flow

Coach Blog 040616 let it flow river This month of April Showers, I want to focus on flow, washing emotional baggage away, and running the figurative faucet until the water runs clear and refreshing.

The analogy of “flow” depends on a constant source, like the ocean-cloud-rain cycle constantly filling streams at the top of mountains, dribbling back down into the ocean. If we compare our own emotional cycle to this analogy, the rain is an essential part of the cycle; too much rain gives you bloated rivers and land erosion. When we first start processing emotions, they might come out like a deluge, because it’s all just getting clogged up at that part of the cycle. We are left dealing with the figurative bloated rivers and erosion and think, hey, this isn’t what I wanted and try to avoid emotions again, but the avoiding is causing those very problems. At least, that’s how it often works for me.

Getting a system back to its normal equilibrium always has side-effects. When I stopped using shampoo in favor of the no-poo/baking soda method, my hair was greasy for a few months as it found its normal equilibrium. When I stopped taking oral birth control pills, my skin broke out terribly while my hormones found their normal equilibrium. The transition is always frustrating and uncomfortable, but you need to stick it out to get to the equilibrium.

As I’m working toward emotional equilibrium, I need to allow some discomfort and frustration; welcome them even, because it means things are moving and changing. I need to trust in the constant source, that the clouds and rain will come but they will wash me back to the mother ocean, home of sea monsters and mermaids. I have Pisces rising, so she’s my home too. Gotta jump in and dive deep if I’m bored of the kiddy pool.

I’m working to get my flow on this month. The word “affluence,” a synonym for “abundance,” comes from Latin “fluere,” to flow. Other flow-root words include influence, fluctuate, and fluent. I’m working to get fluent with my own emotions, allowing them to influence me and fluctuate, and attracting affluence. Infinite source will replenish me and give me strength to do this work, and an infinite array of new emotions and experiences await when I clear the space for them.

What is your relationship to flow?



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