Posted by: Cathy | March 23, 2016

My magic number

Coach Blog 032316 23 magic Today is the 23. A while ago now, I embraced 23 as one of my magic numbers. I was always seeing it on clocks or license plates and turned it into a mindfulness practice: whenever I see 23, I pause for 4 seconds, take a deep breath, and focus on my third eye chakra. This practice centers me and helps me choose what I’m doing in the moment, rather than react to an email or the weather or whatever else. It offers me the option to disconnect and reconnect with purpose.

I enjoy this practice. It allows the universe to guide me and invite some space throughout my day. I never know when a 23 will appear, but I always take the moment to honor it. On days when I see lots of 23s, I feel very supported by the universe.

Do you have a practice like this? If you don’t, would you like one? Simply pick a number of importance to you (a favorite, the date of a loved one, etc.) and create a simple practice whenever you see it; take a breath, say an affirmation or prayer, stretch, hold a mudra, or whatever feels good to you.

Invite magic into your day by noticing magic numbers in your life.


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