Posted by: Cathy | March 14, 2016

CQ: Pi Day

Coach Blog 011816 CQ creative questions photo Creative Questions are a regular feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your creative pursuits or creatively tackle other goals. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

Today is Pi Day, 3.14! In honor of pi, I had the image of art as a full circle; we create art and also receive art as the audience. It is a cycle of giving and receiving. If we slice up your art/creativity life like a pie, what percentages …

* Do you create art?
* Do you share your art with an audience?
* Do you enjoy others’ art?
* Do you encourage others to be creative?
* Do you learn about your craft(s)?

There are no right or wrong percentages, I just invite you to consider how your creativity pie is sliced. Do you like your answers, or would you like to do more or less of any?



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