Posted by: Cathy | February 24, 2016

24 hours – Your Ideal Day

Coach Blog 022416 24 hours This is not a unique exercise – imagine your ideal day. If you won the lottery and could do whatever you wanted with your time, what would your ideal day look like?

I invite you to take it a step farther … Actually live your ideal day as regularly as possible, or come up with a close version you can do once per month.

For example, my ideal day would be to wake up in Rome, have a light breakfast, walk through the Borghese Gardens and sit with a journal on a bench listening to the parrots rustle in the tall trees while I write or doodle and meditate, then find a little neighborhood spot for lunch. Then I’d go back home for a nap, and later wake up and do some yoga and fiction writing, then meet a friend for coffee or wine and maybe catch a movie or watch a footie game at a pub.

As much as I would love having that day in Rome once per month, that’s not in my budget right now, so what would a close version look like? How can I do that within my budget, within Colorado, on a weekend once per month?

When I practice this local approximation of my ideal day, I still get lots of benefits. I feel centered and aligned with my purpose.

The environment or circumstances of the ideal day are less important than the intention and mood you bring to it.

So, what does your ideal day look like, how could you practically live that day once per month, and when can you schedule it for March?



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