Posted by: Cathy | February 19, 2016

Artist Date: The Science Lounge: Chocolate

Me in front of a wall of huge, faux chocolates

Me in front of a wall of huge, faux chocolates

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (DMNS) does a monthly event called the Science Lounge, an after-hours, adults-only program where you can check out the latest temporary exhibit and they have snacks, cocktails, and a few activities. Last night’s theme was Chocolate:

“Science has never tasted so sweet! Indulge in mouth-watering demonstrations, tastings, and tongue teasers. Trace the history of the world’s favorite sweet in Chocolate: The Exhibition, test your own taste buds, practice palate drills to challenge your mouth and nose, and don’t forget the creamy cocktail at the bar.”

I used this as my inspirational “artist date” for the month. I learned some of the history of the chocolate industry, took a chocolate personality quiz (I got white chocolate, closely followed by milk chocolate), and then wandered through the animal dioramas.

To try a similar “artist date” for yourself, look for creative and educational exhibits at museums and galleries in your community, or go on a free-admission day.

Katharine Hepburn quote

Katharine Hepburn quote


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