Posted by: Cathy | January 13, 2016

Get resolute on your resolutions

How actionable are your resolutions for 2016?

Coach Blog 011316 Resolute Resolutions

For example, I’d like to lose 30 pounds. I’ve had this resolution for a few years now, and I’ve had varying degrees of success, but obviously it hasn’t stuck yet or I wouldn’t need to re-resolve it. My thinking behind it is that, at age 38, it would be a good idea to get into better healthy now, while I’m still relatively young, to head-off age-related problems later which could be magnified by extra weight. Of course, this reasoning is a bit abstract and doesn’t have a deadline; there’s little urgency on a day-to-day basis.

To make this idea more present, I need to not take this actions for the future, old me, but the actual me right here right now.

In business, you hear marketers talk about “what’s in it for me,” from the perspective of the buyer. It’s the same with resolutions – you need to give yourself a good reason to do what you want to do. What’s in it for you to follow through?

For my weight-loss example, I need to tie it to things I love to do, things I’m less likely to procrastinate over. I love dancing and music, so doing a daily dancing workout is something I could look forward to, something to enjoy in the moment, not about looking good in a bikini in the summer or reducing my chances of disease later on, but something day-to-day that I will enjoy and participate in.

What’s in it for you to make your resolutions happen? What would make your resolutions really actionable? How can you get resolute on your resolutions?


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