Posted by: Cathy | December 28, 2015

Resource: My new “Align Time” feature in 2016

Coach Blog 122815 align time New for 2016, I’m adding a weekly feature called “Align Time” – a weekly alignment check-in for balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

One of my personal challenges is to remember to check-in, be mindful, and align with what I want my life to look like so I can take steps in that direction.

With “Align Time,” every Tuesday I will invite you to check in and consider where you are along a specific spectrum that week, such as “Rest and Work.”

The object is just to notice where you are on that spectrum and if you are where you’d like to be; to be mindful of your position and the choice you have to adjust it. The point is to take a pause, to step out of routine and habit for just a moment, to look up, look around, and notice whether you’re moving in the direction you want.

So look for the first Align Time prompt on Tuesday, January 5, and I hope these check-ins bring you more balance, fulfillment, and satisfaction!



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