Posted by: Cathy | December 23, 2015

Coach nibble: How to actually accomplish stuff in 2016

Coach nibble At the end of the year, it’s easy to look at all the things I wanted to do in January that didn’t get done. Maybe I had too many goals; I did get some things accomplished. But my writing and fitness goals were not accomplished. How do I try again and not let my goals fall by the way-side?

I had an insight in Rome while I was walking and talking with one of my pen-pals. I had big plans, but I was using little excuses to not make them happen. I decided I would stop making excuses. So what if I have a day-job, so what if I have low energy after work, so what if it’s cold out, so what if I don’t feel inspired in that moment.

When I am sitting at the end of my life, do I want to have a bunch of excuses to keep me company or do I want a bunch of accomplishments and adventures to remember and fill my life with meaning?

I’m done with excuses. Sometimes, there will be valid reasons I need to postpone work on my dreams or goals; I could get sick or become truly incapable for some other reason. But while I am of able body and mind, I need to be fierce and say F-Off to those excuses and put my head down and get my stuff done.

You can get lots of stuff done. Think of a single mother who works full-time and takes community college classes at night so she can get a better job to feed her children. Is she making excuses, or is she taking the bull by the horns?

I have the luxury of choice and I don’t want to chose excuses. The next time I’m walking and talking with my Italian pen-pal, I want to tell him about the writing I did the day before, the singing lesson I took, the dancing I did; I don’t want to tell him about my excuses.

So, how do we fight the excuses? Make a plan in advance to find solutions.

* Tired after work? Take a 20-minute writing break at 10:00 a.m. each morning. Pack a protein-rich lunch to give me a little more energy in the afternoon. Stock up on healthy, quick meals for dinner. Get more sleep.

* Lacking inspiration? Take artists dates to look at inspiring stuff. Talk to inspiring people. Follow inspiring people on Facebook or Pinterest. Journal about my lack of inspiration and what would boost it.

Say “no” to excuses and find solutions for yourself. What are your most common excuses? What could you do to counter them? Write it down, so you don’t have to remember when you’re in the throws of an excuse. Excuses just waste our time and give us the added benefit of stress. Who wants that?

Join me and be done with excuses, and in 12 months we’ll be talking about our accomplishments and adventures.

If you need help pin-pointing your excuses and over-coming them, sign-up for a free Depth Charge coaching session with me! Click the banner below.



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