Posted by: Cathy | December 16, 2015

Artist date: Rome recap

I had a great time in Rome. I laughed, I cried, I watched footie. I bought footie gear. I ate lots of great food and drank lots of great wine. I rested. I recharged. Of course, jet-lag coming home wiped out some of that rest and recharging, but what can you do? It fed my soul. I’m already planning another trip in May.

Cathy at Piazza Navona, Dec 1, 2015

Cathy at Piazza Navona, Dec 1, 2015

I really needed this vacation, it was the only one I took all year (other than my sick trip to Milan, which doesn’t count). I’m glad I spent the money to do it. I’m glad I prioritized my self-care and listened to my gut telling me I needed to go back to Italy before the end of the year. I feel more centered and focused now. I don’t have all the answers, but the questions don’t nag as much being centered.

I’m not sure what else I want to say here. I enjoyed it and I’m very grateful that I can take trips like these; I know not everyone can. I wish I could bottle this sense of centering for you, and point out the contradiction that such a chaotic city can make me feel centered. Or maybe that’s the reason – the chaos of Rome spoke the same language as the chaos in my soul and we clicked. Or something.

All I know is, Roma te amo, and I will see you again.



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