Posted by: Cathy | December 9, 2015

“Responsibility is simply the ability to respond”

Coach Blog 120915 responsibility response ability On davidji’s Hay House Radio show back in July, he said “Responsibility is simply the ability to respond.” This was an important statement to me, because I often think that “responsibility” is a heavy, rigid thing with obligations, consequences, and blame. I don’t know where this definition of responsibility comes from, so davidji’s version is a breath of fresh air for me.

To take responsibility is simply to accept that I can be active in a situation. I can choose my response, I can choose my action, or I can choose to ignore it all together. Each step in a process, I can take responsibility and make a conscious choice.

To take responsibility for my life, my career, and my relationships is to step up to the steering wheel and go in whatever direction I choose. If I’m not enjoying something, I can adjust my steering. This vision of responsibility doesn’t feel heavy or rigid, it feels freeing and flexible.

How do you relate to responsibility? Is it something you hide from? Is it a heavy cloak you wear? Is it something you wrestle with? Notice your definition of responsibility and see if it’s working for you. If not, consider adjusting your steering!



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