Posted by: Cathy | November 30, 2015

Holiday Self-care

Coach Blog 113015 holiday cup Thanksgiving is past, but it’s just the first wave of holiday festivities in the U.S. Consider what you need to take good care of yourself this time of year. It’s fine to indulge and celebrate with loved ones, but pace yourself and take care in between festivals.

Notice when you want to indulge and when you want to moderate. Indulgences can be food, drink, friends, spending, being too active; anything where you’re doing lots. Doing lots can be fun, but you need to remember to refill your well.

What would make you feel great today?
* If you ate too much for Thanksgiving, consider making a hearty pot of vegetable stew to eat for dinners this week. Drink lots of fluids, eat lots of colorful vegetables, and get lots of sleep.
* If you restricted yourself and missed out on some favorite foods, make yourself a small portion or a healthier alternative so you can enjoy your goodies in moderation.

Take small, regular steps; don’t try exercising two hours each day to “make up” for indulging. Small steps add up and help you find equilibrium better than making big, drastic gestures.

Pay attention to your body and mood, make time each day to check in with yourself, and take steps both to enjoy the holidays and refill your well.


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