Posted by: Cathy | October 26, 2015

Retreat Time

Coach Blog 102615 retreat vision Here is another insight I got from the Shining Academy Shining Day retreat (affiliate link).

Our fearless leader, Leonie Dawson, said: “Retreats give us a vision of what is possible and now we need to pull it into the physical world and manifest it.”

I’ve been aware of the magic of retreat time for a few years now, but it still continues to blow my mind. Being in retreat, especially with others of a like-mind, we create a threshold where we’re a bit out of phase with day-to-day life and this allows us to open up to new possibilities and new realities.

It’s difficult to maintain this connection to the new realities when we get back into our normal, day-to-day routines, and I think it’s essential to deliberately maintain it if you want to get any manifestation done. The retreat gives you a seed of opportunity, and you can put the seed in your pocket or you can plant it and water it and weed it and nurture it. One gets results and the other doesn’t.

To manifest your retreat visions, you need to keep them in mind on a regular basis; they need your attention. Leonie encouraged us to make an action plan as a follow-up to our retreat day. Personally, I need another mini-retreat to complete my action plan! But it’s important to me and I need to make time to do that. It would probably be helpful for me to carve out at least an hour per month to reconnect with my retreat visions and revise my action plan.

If you haven’t taken a retreat lately, let me help you with an action plan:
1. Take a retreat! Schedule a few hours for yourself as soon as possible.
2. Notice what visions you get and write them down.
3. Create your vision action plan.
4. Take a step on your action plan. Repeat.
5. Check in regularly with your action plan and schedule your next retreat!

The retreat feels magical because we take the time to dream and imagine these new realities; but you can dream and imagine any time. You can give yourself a little retreat at any time and connect with your vision of what is possible. And then do something to create that vision every day to implant more magic in your life.

What is your vision?



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