Posted by: Cathy | October 21, 2015

Plank Challenge

Coach Blog 102115 begin again Back in February, the site “Running with Curves” hosted a 28-day Plank Fitness Challenge.

I participated, and occasionally I’m still participating. The object was to hold the yoga pose called plank for up to 2 minutes. This intrigued me, because I’d like to build more strength in my arms, back, and core. I got up to 90 seconds one day during the challenge, and then I got sick and didn’t do it for a while, then I forgot about it for a while and started again, forgot about it for a while again, started it a third time, etc. It’s still relevant to me, so I keep coming back to it and reengaging, though I’ve slid back down to half my previous hold time. I’m still building up to 2 minutes in plank.

I’m bringing this up to ask you if there is a challenge or project you have started and stopped. Do you want to try again? Is it still relevant to you or is it something you could release?

You’ll know because, when it comes back to mind, you think “Oh, yeah, that!” and not “Oh no, that.”

If you keep going, what could help you succeed this time that you didn’t have before? How could you set yourself up for success?

It’s perfectly fine to move on to something else, but I’m not done with the 28-day plank challenge almost 8 months later. I still have something to learn and gain from it, so I keep trying.

What would you like to get back to?



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