Posted by: Cathy | October 12, 2015

My Superpowers

Coach Blog 101215 superpowers I want to tell you about one of the insights I got from the Shining Academy Shining Day retreat (affiliate link).

We were asked to take a few minutes and think about 8 life-shaping incidents and what wisdom I gained from them. I was surprised to notice that, of my 8 incidents, all fall into 2 primary wisdom themes:
1. flexibility and independence, and
2. portal for depth, insight, and/or escape.

I realized these two themes are my superpowers. Sometimes voluntarily and sometimes against my will, they are themes I have strengthened with use and development. They are the wind and water that have shaped my metaphoric canyon.

I wasn’t even conscious of the prevalence of these themes until I did this exercise, and now I want to explore them and mine them for more, deeper insights and look for more opportunities to welcome these themes in my life; to embrace them as wise teachers and guides. I want to begin to use my superpowers for good and not take them for granted.

I invite you to take a few minutes, too, and look at some of the events that have shaped your life. Do you notice any wisdom themes that emerged from those events? If you do, know that those are your superpowers.



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