Posted by: Cathy | October 5, 2015

Take 5 – Mini Self-care Breaks

Coach Blog 100515 break time When you get busy, it can be tough to pay attention to your self-care; and yet, attending to your self-care keeps you healthy and more productive. It’s an investment in your own primary resource: yourself!

To help you stay in touch with your self-care, make a list of mini self-care breaks you can take in 5 minutes. Then, even if you’re busy, you can fit in 5 minutes to take care of yourself.

    Some ideas:

  • Get up for a glass of water
  • Do a set of some favorite stretches
  • Step outside for a deep breath of fresh air
  • Make a favorite cup of tea
  • Gaze out the window
  • Dance to a favorite song
  • Cuddle your pet or a human loved-one
  • Do a brain-dump list to get those stray thoughts on paper
  • Wash your face for an energy boost
  • Text a well-wish to a friend
  • Massage some lotion on your hands or feet
  • Doodle
  • Write a haiku or other short poem

Brainstorm your favorite mini self-care breaks and try to do at least two per day!

What are your favorite ideas? Tell me in the comments below or on Facebook.




  1. Sometimes I rub some essential oil infused lotion into my hands, cup it over my nose for a second, close my eyes, taking a deep breath for a quick aromatherapy escape… mentally thinking something I’m grateful for. Peppermint is very invigorating, energizing and stimulates the brain, which is good for a quick “wake up”… but my “go to” favorite is an orange ginger blend… ahhhhhh! Thanks for the awesome 5 minute self care ideas!!!!

    • Thank you, Sandee, for sharing! That’s a great tip to combine the sensory experience of the oil with a moment of gratitude.

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