Posted by: Cathy | September 30, 2015

It’s my Birthday! Annual Review

Coach Blog 093015 little me at the pool Today is my birthday! I’m 38. So far, I haven’t freaked out over any of my birthdays. I take it as an occasion to celebrate myself and let my friends celebrate me. I think about how far I’ve come in this lifetime and what I still hope to experience and accomplish. I use it as a start to my personal new year, so let’s review my past personal year.

    This year, I …

  • Stopped dating someone (disappointed at first but it was the correct thing)
  • Tried some meetup groups for business and personal networking
  • Got crazy into European football (forza Roma!)
  • Made a 2015 vision board
  • Read a book in a day
  • Did a plank yoga pose challenge
  • Did a 40-mile-in-a-month walk/jog challenge
  • Started looking to buy a townhouse (still looking)
  • Went to my second Hay House “I Can Do It” conference
  • Got sick in Italy; visited Cinque Terre, Pisa, Lake Como, and Milan
  • Did a weekend writing retreat at home
  • Attended a Shining Academy event in Denver
  • Signed up as a teacher at the Colorado Free University, taught my first art class
  • Studied more about astrology
  • Improved my Italian lanugage on

Looking back over my calendar, I have mixed feelings. The year certainly didn’t go the way I had planned, and I think I need to spend a few minutes mourning my disappointments, expressing my frustrations in a safe container like a journal and/or a punch-dance. I don’t want to brush those emotions under the rug, or they’ll carry into my new year. The point of celebrating my personal year is to give me a clear demarcation to brush off the old dust and start fresh. (I think I’ll share my venting ritual in a coach nibble soon.)

For some nerdy, esoteric reflection:
My solar return last year was heavy in 9th house stuff like growth, expansion, and travel, which was true.
Numerologically, I’m ending a One year and entering a Two/Eleven. Honestly, I expected more from a One year; One is supposed to be “A year of new beginnings, seed-planting, and high energy” but I felt it was more a year of false starts and do-overs. Maybe I did plant some seeds and nothing is sprouting yet, which is why I’m getting impatient. However, the Two is “A year of relationships, sensitivity, and cooperation”; my astrological Mercury return last month was super-heavy on partnership/7th house stuff and my Venus return next month is heavy on love/creativity/5th house stuff, so I’m curious to see how all of these elements come together (or not). (If you’re into this stuff, I’d love to hear your insights/experiences too!)

Tonight, I’ll do my annual astrology tarot spread to check on messages for each of the house themes. I’ll compare last year’s reading with my solar return stuff too; I think it had stuff about travel and education, which match up.

For next year, I have one main goal so far: Visit Rome, maybe twice (Nov and May), and go to at least one Roma footie match. Obviously, I have new priorities. I would never have thought going to a footie match would be even a minor goal. I think footie is calling me toward something bigger; I definitely feel tugged.

Reviewing my year reminds me that I can only take it one day at a time, try to savor the good stuff, try to learn from the less-good stuff, and keep following the tugging.



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