Posted by: Cathy | September 1, 2015

Want more ease in your writing practice? Check out “LOVE Your Writing”, a four-week e-class

Coach Blog 090414 * Are you blocked or disenchanted with your writing and/or your writing practice?
* Are you bored or stuck and want to reconnect with your love of writing?
* Do you want to connect more deeply with your writing and inject more enthusiasm in your practice?

I’ve been struggling to maintain a daily writing practice for ages. There was a time when I was able to write consecutively for over 500 days (!!), and then other times when it feels like I haven’t connected deeply with my writing for 500 days. I’ve learned that an injection of love into my process and reconnecting with my writing and my muse are keys to help step back into flow and enjoy my writing practice again. It isn’t a permanent fix, but it will get your creative juices flowing again and add some vibrancy to your writing practice.

In the “LOVE Your Writing” 4-week eclass, you will:
* Explore what you love about writing, why you can’t turn your back on it
* Uncover your assumptions about your writing and the writing process
* Get some magic and movement back into your writing practice

The “LOVE Your Writing” 4-week eclass is transmitted via email and you can work at your own pace. Each Friday from Oct 2-23, you’ll receive a PDF document with three exercises for that week and one capstone exercise in the fifth week (Oct 30) for a total of 13 exercises.

You can do these exercises at your own pace; follow whatever schedule suits you (do one per week, do one per month, save them up and do them all over a weekend, etc.). Note that you are not required to submit your completed exercises; there are no due-dates, so you can finish the class materials whenever it works for you. You can devote as much or as little time to each exercise as you like.

You can interact with me, the teacher, over email, and with me and other classmates in a private Facebook group. Participation is not required.

Say “Yes” to your writing and register today! ($52) – October 2-30, 2015



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