Posted by: Cathy | August 24, 2015

Resource: Mixtapes

Coach Blog 082415 mixtape Back in my day, before digital music, we made mixtapes. These were especially popular for parties or roadtrips or anything where you wanted to set a mood.

Consider what moods would help you throughout your day and maybe make a mixtape (or a digital “playlist”) for convenience.

* Wake up to a custom inspiring mix
* Make breakfast to a calming mix
* Drive home from work to power ballads
* Do chores to a high energy mix
* Get ready for bed to a classical adagio mix

To go beyond your own music library, check out some sources online for free music mixes. I came across this free streaming music service called Mixcloud a few months ago. I mostly use it to find nice mixes to play when I’m making art or knitting. (I’m not affiliated with them, just enjoy browsing!)

What mixes would you like to add to your daily routines? Share in the comments or on Facebook!



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