Posted by: Cathy | August 19, 2015

To-BE Choices

Coach Blog 081915 To Be list A few weeks ago, I listened to a Hay House Radio episode by Robert Holden called “Follow Your Joy”. I took the following notes …

“Some people chase happiness and some people choose happiness; what choices did you make in the first hour of the morning? To-do choices shape your day, but to-BE choices affect the experience of your day; that’s why we pray or meditate.”

What did you choose to be this morning? Did you choose serenity or chaos? Did you even realize that you have a choice?

Everyone is familiar with to-do lists and many people can’t function without them; but you might function even better if you first make a to-be list. If your to-be list includes “happy, centered, and successful”, you will be less-likely to say “yes” to projects that don’t make you happy or centered. Set your personal GPS toward the qualities you want more of and then try to build a to-do list around it.

Of course, cleaning the toilet may not align with the adjectives on my to-be list, but some things just need to get done. The point is to do as much as I can in align with my to-be choices and only do necessities that aren’t in that alignment. Or add a to-be choice of “cleanly” or “organized” if that’s what you want to be.

What do you want to be? Make a list right now and try to live the next hour in alignment with that list, then tell me how it feels in the comments or on Facebook.



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