Posted by: Cathy | August 10, 2015

Artist date: Friday-night Jazz

Here I am before the jazz show, ready to stay up late!

Here I am before the jazz show, ready to stay up late!

Denver has a great jazz venue, Dazzle. Every Friday, they have a late show with various local musicians for only $5 and I’ve been wanting to check it out for ages. Usually I go to bed early so I can get up before my day-job and do writing, etc. so by Friday I don’t often have the stamina to stay up past 10p, maximum. But finally, on a recent Friday, I stayed up late and went.

I got cute’d up and went by myself. I got there around 9:45p and it was already pretty crowded. I grabbed the last open stool I saw at the bar, which happened to be the end closest to the staging area, so I lucked out. I had a glass of red wine and a fancy pizza while I waited for the music, then I ordered a full-size Coke with a shot of citron vodka (a la the Italians who drink their Coke with a slice of lemon).

The band was pretty good on some songs, but others I didn’t like as much. Regardless, it’s fun to watch live music and see the musicians in the act, how they flow with different songs and interact with each other in the band. It was inspiring, even if I didn’t love every song.

I ended up quite glad that I went, and I hope to check out the late Friday show again sometime.

If you’d like to try this artist date for yourself, go see any local live music near you. Notice especially how engaged the musicians are (or aren’t) and how they flow with their songs.

Try this or any artist date soon! Court your artist and welcome inspiration.


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