Posted by: Cathy | July 22, 2015

What does tarot have to do with coaching?

Coach Blog 072215 coaching tarot I am a certified ARTbundance life coach and practitioner, and I read tarot cards. I do them separately for clients and can integrate them on request. I think they go very well together when a client is open to it.

Whether you believe tarot cards are directed by a higher power or not, reflecting on different cards in relation to a problem can give you insights you might not otherwise have had.

For instance, I’ve mentioned a few times how I got sick on my Italian vacation in June. My card for the month of June was the page of swords, and the note I made when I did my year spread back in December was “beginner’s mind.” When I was reviewing my card at the end of the month, the idea of beginner’s mind made a lot of sense to me – that I needed to be present and curious to what was happing in the moment and release the idea I wanted for my experience on vacation. It helped me integrate some of my frustration and process the experience I had rather than the experience I wanted to have.

Rather than just turning to the tarot for answers, we can use the cards to get a new perspective on a problem, to help us process a situation, and then figure out our own answers. I find that figuring something out is more meaningful and memorable than just being told something.

The tarot can give us information but it’s up to us how we use it, just like coaching. Insights are insights, wherever they come from, and I’m happy to use as many resources as I can to get as many insights as I can.

Where could you use some insights? Do you think tarot, coaching, or a combination might help you, or some other modality all together? Decide what kind of help would best suit you and don’t be afraid to seek it out.



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