Posted by: Cathy | July 8, 2015

Five for Dinner

Coach Blog 070815 tea party If you had a time machine and could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would you invite?

What if you specifically wanted help on your goal or dream, what 5 people would you invite to inspire and motivate you?

In August 2013, I took a class by Dawn Richardson where she guided us to create a spirit council of advisors. I enjoyed the class and really like the concept of invoking guides to help me on my path.

To try this for yourself, make a list of people, living or dead or fictional or mythological, who inspire you and write down what kinds of qualities or topics each person could help you with; wisdom, compassion, audacity, intuition, forgiveness, abundance, planning, education, budgeting, visibility, etc. Pick 5 of them to start and invite them to a spirit tea or dinner party!



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