Posted by: Cathy | July 6, 2015

Independence, Interdependence

Coach Blog 070313 “An adventure is less scary and more fun when you have a buddy. Declare an Interdependence Day and work on your goal or dream with a trusted buddy. Give support and receive support. Everybody wins!” Quote from my “Interdependence Day – a Coaching Buddy Workbook.”

We just had Independence Day in the United States, celebrated around the country with barbeques and fireworks. Think about what you’d like to declare independence from; extra weight, a smoking habit, too many projects demanding your time, an unsatisfying job or relationship.

Then, think about where you could use support; emotional encouragement as you start a new project, mental encouragement as you brainstorm a new action plan, physical support as you empty out your garage. It’s okay to ask for help, and that’s the whole point of my Interdependence Day workbook.

This workbook has seven exercises for you to do with your buddy to help support each other in reaching your dreams. You can do them all in one buddy retreat, or do the exercises separately over a few weeks or months.

The PDF for “Interdependence Day – a Coaching Buddy Workbook” is available for purchase for $18 in my Etsy store, and includes a free 30-minute dual coaching session (15 minutes per person; a $45 value).

Declare your independence from what is holding you back by strengthening your interdependence with a trusted buddy!



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