Posted by: Cathy | June 29, 2015

Mini-creativity challenge – Choose Your Adventure

Coach Blog 062915 summer creativity challenge As a carry-over from childhood freedom, summer is a time for fun. This summer, consider giving yourself a mini-creativity challenge!

1. Pick your medium. What would you like to create? (Check out my “ABCs of Arts and Crafts” eBooklet with over 100 mediums to try.)

2. Decide how much you want to create by a certain date. Take a look at your schedule and be realistic about what you can accomplish. Maybe you want to make 9 artist trading cards between now and September (1 per week). Maybe you want to try for 4 8×11 collages. Maybe you want to do 60 haiku poems. Maybe you want to write act one of your novel.

3. Break your goal into individual deadlines and put them in your calendar. If you’re doing one card per week or one poem per day, that’s easy to figure out. If you’re doing 4 collages, perhaps on the even weeks you collect materials and the odd weeks you put them together. If act one of your novel will be 8 chapters, perhaps that can be one chapter per week.

4. Tell people what you plan to do – challenge friends to play along. Let me know in the comments or on FB what you’re doing!

5. Share your progress. I’ll play along and post my results at the end of August!




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