Posted by: Cathy | June 24, 2015

Vocation Vacation

Coach Blog 062415 vocation vacation I just got back from a pleasure vacation. Nearly every vacation I’ve ever had was just for enjoyment, but I like the idea of taking an extended learning or development retreat.

I have this idea of going to Scotland for two weeks and staying in a small, charming town to do my own little writing retreat. I would also like to visit Thailand and meditate in some Buddhist temples. I’m tempted, too, by Costa Rican yoga workshops, and wildlife conservation expeditions.

One day, I’ll actually schedule one of these trips, but they’re fun to think about in the mean time.

* What would your vocation vacation look like?
* What higher purpose is calling you to retreat or travel?

Consider what is calling you and think about what steps you’d need to take to make it a reality. Estimate a budget and make a list of action items so you can get the ball rolling when the time is right!



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