Posted by: Cathy | June 15, 2015

Artist date: Italian opera

As you read this, I’m in Varenna at Lake Como in Italy. Before my trip, I wanted to give myself an “art date” on an Italian theme, and I decided to do it through opera.

I browsed for an mp3 album I could download and listen to at home over a home-made Italian dinner and a glass of Tuscan wine.

Coach Blog 061515 Tosca cover I chose Tosca, mostly because the whole opera was only $2.97 for the mp3 album! But it was a fortuitous choice, because it was written by Giacomo Puccini and I also visited his hometown, Lucca, earlier this week.

I actually only made it through the first act for my art date, as it was close to 45 minutes long; plenty of time to enjoy my dinner and wine, but then I had trouble following the music because I’m a visual person more than an aural one. If I try an opera-at-home date again, I’ll look for a dvd I can rent to keep me more engaged.

Still, I was inspired and revved up for my vacation!

If you want to make this artist date for yourself, pick a composer, singer, opera, or musical and create a meal to match! Check your library to see their selection of music or movies for a free option.



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