Posted by: Cathy | June 1, 2015

Abund – Abundance as a verb

Coach Blog 060115 abund abundance Abundance isn’t just something you have, it is a way of life. How do you invite abundance into your life? How do you practice abundance?

I’m an English major, so I’m authorized to make up works. Let’s make abundance into a verb. Let’s all start to abund. Conjugate it. I abund. You abund. She abunds. We abund. They abund.

Everyday, try to do some abunding. Tell your friends what you abunded. Celebrate your abundments.

* Think of an issue or problem. What about the situation could use some abunding?
* Think of a friend in need. What could you do to help her abund?
* Think of a goal. What could you do to abund your outcome?

Look for ways to practice abundance in your daily life. Expect greatness. Look for miracles. Abund.




  1. Love it! Happy abunding!!

    • Thanks, you too!

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