Posted by: Cathy | May 18, 2015

Artist date: I Can Do It recap

Me with davidji

Me with davidji

The last weekend in April, I went to Hay House’s wonderful event, “I Can Do It”, in Denver. It was a glorious weekend full of inspiration and motivation, and though it was a long time spent in conference room chairs, I felt so replenished and energetic when I went home each night. I highly recommend the “I Can Do It” conference.

Here are a few gems from my notes … (these are not in quotes because I don’t remember if I wrote down exactly what was said or if it was more of a paraphrase)

Wayne Dyer: Understand the infinite by getting to know your soul – the soul wants to expand because it is infinite and growing.

Cheryl Richardson: Bring all the parts of you to the table, your inner CEO, your inner artist, etc. The artist experiences life, not conquers it.

Barbara de Angelis: The hardest part of the journey is over – we woke up. The rest is to remember what we forgot. Inspiration + choice + action = transformation.

Alberto Villoldo: The end of time is whenever you want to step out of time.

Joe Dispenza: Memory without emotional charge is wisdom.

davidji: We can smack down our problems or we can use them as an opportunity to raise the situation to a higher level.

Teal Swan: Manipulation is not being able to ask for your needs. Make a list of your needs and check to see which aren’t being met, then take steps to meet those needs.

Kyle Gray: To meet your angels, you must surrender independence; ask for help and be willing to co-create.

Robert Holden: Carl Jung said that we don’t heal anything, we simply let it go.



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