Posted by: Cathy | May 4, 2015

May the Forth be with you!

Coach Blog 050415 may fourth ewok Happy Star Wars Day! I had C3PO underoos when I was a kid and the original three films are very dear to my heart. Today, I invite you to reflect on some Star Wars themes as personal development questions.

* What is your Force? What do you use to marshal your courage and take action?
* Which character do you identify with most today? Have you identified with a different character in the past?
* What could the Empire represent as a metaphor for your life? Do you support the Empire or are you a Rebel?
* As you think about your life path or a particular goal, what “episode” are you in? Are you just starting out on your hero journey or are you nearing a climax of some kind?
* If you had a jedi teacher like Obi Wan, what advice would he give you right now?
* When Luke goes into the cave, he has a vision. Imagine walking into a cave and see what vision you receive.
* The Star Wars movies are thick with their own mythology; what is your personal mythology? What archetypes are active in your life right now?

Whatever your Force is, I hope it is strong in you today and always!



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