Posted by: Cathy | April 29, 2015

Resource: Oracle cards

I like to share helpful resources from time to time, and oracle cards came to mind when I was brainstorming.

I own 10 tarot decks, a Minchiate deck, and 4 oracle decks. (Take a look at some samples from my various decks here on Pinterest.)

I have most of them sitting up on various shelves in my room. If one of them catches my eye, I’ll shuffle and draw a card.

For instance, the other day I was feeling overwhelmed and a little stressed, so I took my Sassy She deck and drew the “Priestess” card, which made me think of connecting to my inner world rather than worrying about all the external stuff that was causing the stress. It helped me shift my mood.

Tarot or oracle cards are a great resource to help you check in. Here is a quick exercise … let me know how it turned out in the comments!

Here are four images.
Pick one and then scroll down to see what message you get.

Coach Blog 042915 oracle

Flower: Trust that things are coming together for you
Cloud: You are loved
Tree: You have great potential
Sea: Express yourself safely in a journal




  1. Sea: Express yourself safely in a journal
    Very appropriate I should have picked this one. It’s exactly what I do!

    • Thanks for playing along!

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