Posted by: Cathy | April 28, 2015

Want a mini-retreat? Check out Hermit Haven, a one-hour teleclass

* Do you need a time-out to focus on yourself for a bit?
* Do you want some tools to help you find more satisfaction in your daily life?
* Do you want a template to guide you in your personal development?

Hermit Haven tarot class The Hermit is a major card in the tarot. Tarot is a great vehicle to explore self-development, because the archetypes in tarot can help us learn about parts of ourselves.

“Hermit Haven” is the next class in my “Find Yourself in the Cards” series. Using the tarot archetype of the Hermit, I will help you connect to your inner hermit to:

* Step out of phase to gain perspective
* Mindfully focus on your inner world instead of reacting to your outer world
* Illuminate your thoughts and feelings to make sure your needs are met

When you register for Hermit Haven, you will receive call information for the live one-hour class on May 20, 2015 at 8:30p Eastern. During class, I will lead you through a visualization and a few ARTsignments. Afterward, I’ll share a workbook with more exercises for you to explore and a link to the class recording. If you cannot make the live class, you will receive the audio class recording and all class materials.

Register now! ($18)



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