Posted by: Cathy | April 8, 2015

Coach Nibble: Finding the Ground amid Chaos

Coach Blog 010114 If you, like me, are still struggling from the Daylight Savings change, here is my advice to myself.

Step one is always noticing something is off and deciding to change it. When you’re stuck in chaos, it can be difficult to pop your head up long enough to notice, hey, how did I get this far off track and how do I get back where I want to be? One thing that can help this is to make a habit of checking in, whether it’s a morning or evening routine, a journal practice, a meditation practice, etc. When your routines or practices are suffering, it’s a red flag that you’re off track. It might take a few weeks for it to sink in, though … it took me nearly a month to really sit up and say HEY, something needs to change.

Secondly, when you’re in real chaos, think about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. First, make sure your basic needs are being met before you start making changes in other areas. For me in relation to daylight savings, I wasn’t getting enough sleep and that was throwing off my meditation practice, my writing, and my biz work. So for me, priority one needs to be getting enough sleep.

It helps to prioritize your needs and notice which are out of whack. Again, my sleep was off, as was my meditation, writing, etc. but the foundational need is sleep. Trying to restart my writing practice will only drain me more if I don’t address the sleep deficit first. Make a plan to progressively address your needs in priority order; for example, for one week I’ll go to bed early each night and not worry about the other stuff to do. The goal is to catch up on my sleep. Once I’m feeling rested, I can restart my meditation practice for week two; then my writing practice in week three, etc. It needs to be a gradual process; moving from chaos into overwhelm isn’t my goal. I need to start slowly, step by step, brick by brick, to rebuild the foundation that got toppled from DST.

As a reminder, consider making a craft or art project to represent your personal version of Maslow’s hierarchy. Draw, collage, or embroidery your needs pyramid and hang it somewhere noticable in your home.

For future time changes, I will put a calendar reminder for two weeks in advance so I know to slow down and start intentionally shifting my routines so DST will have less of a negative effect on me and my routines. Who knows … maybe I’ll turn it into a class or workshop!

What do you think about this advice? I’d love to know them in the comments or on Facebook!


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