Posted by: Cathy | April 1, 2015

“We already are what we want to become”

Coach Blog 040115 heart flower sun Thich Nhat Hanh is a famous Buddhist monk, teacher, and meditator. In one of his books, I came across the line, “We already are what we want to become.”

This quote bends my brain a bit, but it’s really very simple. Whatever we are tomorrow, we must have had a seed of today. What we are today, we had a seed of yesterday. If there’s something you want to be or do, there is already a seed of inspiration in you. Focus on that seed and watch it grow.

The more you practice being or doing something, the easier it gets. The more days you practice honesty and integrity, the easier it is to be honest and have integrity in a difficult situation. The more days I practice writing, the better my writing will be when my muse comes to party. The more days I practice learning Italian, the easier I’ll be able to flirt with the cute waiter in Milan.

Flirting with cute Italians is definitely already a part of me; that is something I know to be true. Being a thriving coach entrepreneur is something I want to be true, so I tap into the skillful part of myself and practice those skills to bring what I am into being.

What are you already? What do you want to become? Notice what is already here that will lead to your future self, and practice that quality every day.




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