Posted by: Cathy | March 2, 2015

Hobbies as Medicine

Coach Blog 030215 hobbies as medicine I was listening to a Hay House Radio replay with adorable angel expert Kyle Gray from January 21, 2013. He said that a hobby can be your medicine and I heartily agree.

Try to make regular time with your hobbies when you can just play and enjoy your practice. Making crafted gifts is great, but also make time to hobby just for you with no pressure or deadlines. Working on a beloved hobby opens our heart, gives us some quiet time, and lets our inner child out to play.

I also find that I’ll often release some stagnant or negative energy through my hobby practice. I’ll knit a simple repetition and my mind wanders over recent events and sometimes I’ll get an insight or have a shift of perspective so I can release whatever is bothering me and lull myself into the comfort of repetitive knitting. It’s quite calming and centering.

If you don’t have a hobby yet, or are looking to try something new, check out my “ABCs of Arts and Crafts” ebooklet with over 100 mediums to try. Get it on my downloads page under the Art heading.

Schedule some hobby time for yourself this month and let me know how it soothes or heals you!



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