Posted by: Cathy | February 2, 2015

Goal-Getter Board and Muse Tattoos

My friend, Julie, is working on her coach certification. She recently held a small workshop to create a “goal-getter” board. It is similar to a dream/vision board but specific to certain things you want to create. A dream/vision board might be for “someday”, but a goal-getter board represents what you are actively manifesting in the short term.

I posted a photo of my board on Facebook, but I didn’t explain it, so I thought I’d do that here.

Coach Blog 020215

I split my board into quadrants for four different personal goals. Clockwise from the top left, they are fitness, relationship, writing, and travel. I want to lose 35 pounds before my Italy trip and climb a “14er” in August. I want to find a mutual and supportive romantic love relationship. I have a few specific writing goals. I want to spend two more weeks in Italy visiting different regions than my trip in 2012.

Julie encouraged me to explain the image of actor Tom Hardy in the writing corner. He does have something to do with my writing! And it is because of Lisa Lister’s Write Your Freaking Heart Out program.

One of the assignments is to get to know your muse. Most of the ladies posting in the program Facebook page described lovely, feminine, lady muses. I think I was the only one with a male muse. He came to me in the guise of Tom Hardy, and his many tattoos held messages for me. My muse-version of Tom Hardy had one tattoo representing a grave at Paris’ Pere Lachaise cemetery, with a door leading into a small private space to pray, but this tattoo lead to a steep set of stairs going into the earth, where I met an underworld goddess. It was an awesome visualization! So I wanted to represent that in the writing portion of my collage. And also, Tom Hardy is super-hot and it gives me more reason to look at my board many times each day!

So thank you, Tom Hardy Muse, for inspiring my writing practice; and thank you, Julie, for getting me to make a goal getter board!



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