Posted by: Cathy | January 28, 2015

Poop is Happening

Coach Blog 012815 My nephew is 3.5. I babysat for him recently. He is really resistant to going to the bathroom, but he does this funny dance move where you can tell he needs to poop. You have to coax him to the toilet and keep him focused on the task of pooping. It usually takes him a while to finish.

On this particular occassion, I was growing impatient waiting for him on the toilet, and I asked, “Is anything happening??”

He looked up at me and said “Poop is happening.”

I had a good laugh. And then I realized, it’s a good life lesson too.

When you are in the middle of poop happening, literally or figuratively, you can grow frustrated. It helps to call it out. “Oh, there is poop happening, I just need to sit and wait for it to pass.”

* Stuck in traffic or a long line at the bank? Poop is happening.
* Your cable/internet goes out? Poop is happening.
* Your cat barfs on the carpet 20 minutes before company comes over? Poop is happening.

You can’t rush poop. You need to wait for it to pass and then flush it away.



  1. Hilarious and true!

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