Posted by: Cathy | January 21, 2015

Honor and Support

Coach Blog 012115 On Monday, I mentioned going on a journal date. I was in the mood to journal because I was taking an awesome class from Lisa Lister called Write Your Freaking Heart Out. In one lesson, she theorized that the places where we don’t feel honored, supported, appreciated, or cared for can be clues to unleash writing/creative blocks. As I was journaling on this, I saw that it is true for me.

Here is an excerpt from my journal:

I don’t feel that society honors my writing or creativity. Society as a whole doesn’t honor it in anyone, or support it. My eyes felt hot when that thought came to me before I wrote it. I can find that honor and support in creative communities but then it becomes difficult to carry it into daily life of work and chores. Everything is infringing on my creativity. And that’s why I want to do my work coaching and supporting other creative people. That is the root motivation because I need to fight for this support for myself.

With this blog, I honor my writing and creativity. By reading it, you honor me, too.

Where would you like to feel more honor and more support? How can you help yourself get it? Could I help you? Could you and a close friend help each other?



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