Posted by: Cathy | January 14, 2015

The Power of Staycation

Coach Blog 011415 If you follow me on Facebook, you know I had a week of staycation to start the year. I spent 5 days off from my day-job and used it to work on my coaching full-time.

For my purposes, “full-time” means 2-3 hours per day, taking a page from Leonie Dawson’s playbook. Instead of working 8-hour days, she does focused, super-powered work in half the time, so that she has time to spend on her real life; her children, family, and creative pursuits.

In advance of my staycation, I reviewed my coaching/biz to-do list and prioritized some tasks. I set a schedule for myself. I decided on 1 hour of fiction writing and 3 hours on my biz each of the 5 days. I worked in breaks and wrote down the schedule so I could easily follow it.

The first day, I got a little distracted with laundry in the morning and that set me about 30 minutes off the schedule, which was a little stressful and made me feel behind. But I did complete my hour of fiction writing and 3 hours of biz work. I felt great.

The next day I also got lots of great work and writing done (any writing done is great writing!). The third day I did my writing and then went to the nature and science museum with my sister and her two kids. The fourth day was New Year’s Eve, so I got some work done and then relaxed with family for the holiday. The fifth day was New Year’s Day and I felt like just resting, so I did. Then Jan 2, I was back at my day job.

I didn’t follow my schedule 100%, but it was a successful experiment in many ways. I got a taste for what my full-time coaching life will feel like, which will help motivate me to make it happen. I got over a writing block and recommitted to my fiction writing, deciding to get up at 4:15 a.m. (!!) most weekdays so I can fit in some relaxed writing time. And I got a fair amount of coaching work done behind the scenes.

If my staycation is inspiring you, check out my free ebooklets, “Create a Leap Day” and/or “Weekend Retreat”, or design your own staycation and tell us about it in the comments!


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