Posted by: Cathy | January 12, 2015

Janus: Two faces – Receive and Release

Coach Blog 011215 We all love some good R&R, rest and relaxation; but how is your other R&R going, receiving and releasing?

Most people are better at one than the other. Receivers are happy to get things but hesitant to give; and Releasers will happily give and then have some issues with getting. Hard-core Releasers even have difficulty accepting compliments!

I wanted to remind you, then, that January is named after the roman god, Janus, who had two faces; one looking forward to the future and one looking behind to the past. As we’re rolling along into a new year, check-in and see how your receive-release balance is going. Notice where you want to receive and let someone know – your friends and family can’t read your mind and someone would probably be happy to help you get what you need!

You need to refill your well so you can continue a healthy receive-release cycle in 2015.



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