Posted by: Cathy | January 7, 2015

Questing Question: What is Your Dream?

Coach Blog 010715 Questing Questions are a new feature on my blog; basically, a journal question to get you further along in your life quest. If journaling isn’t your thing, feel free to take the question as your focus for a meditation, a prayer, or a piece of artwork.

On Monday, I invited you to gaze longingly into your dream. Today, think of “dating” your dream. Take out a journal and ask your dream questions to get to know it. Here are some examples:

* What is this dream? What would it look like in the physical realm?
* What are some of the steps I can take to manifest this dream?
* What are some things I need to know/learn to manifest this dream?
* How will I grow or change as I manifest this dream?
* What kind of external support will I need to manifest this dream?

If you’re doing a meditation, visualize a date with your dream.
If you’re doing a piece of art, incorporate elements of your date (e.g. a collage with a movie ticket or wine bottle label).

Learn as much detail as you can about your dream. The more details you have, the more easily you can make it real!




  1. Nice post – well written!!

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