Posted by: Cathy | December 29, 2014

My New Year Wish for You

Coach Blog 122914 I don’t know about you, but 2014 wasn’t my favorite year. On Dec 31, I’m going to do a little releasing ritual, light a candle, and let my unfavorite stuff evaporate. I don’t want to carry any of it with me into 2015.

My new year wish for you is that you remember the joys, the beauty, and the lessons of 2014; and that you are able to release any pain, disappointment, or sorrow you’ve accumulated at any point in the past. Share what you loved and ask for help with stuff that hurt. Everything is an opportunity to connect.

Here are some things I want to share about the last year:

* Sauntering through the gardens of Versailles on Jan 2
* Driving on the wrong side of the road in Scotland in June
* Meeting a certain gentleman for the first time, the thrill of sparks and chemistry
* Various beautiful nature hikes
* Holding my newborn niece for the first time
* Getting nose-to-nose with a cutie alpaca
* Going out to see the October lunar eclipse
* Seeing a wild moose for the first time

What would you like to share?



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