Posted by: Cathy | December 15, 2014

Allowing Emptiness

Coach Blog 121514 (FYI: This post might be a little TMI for some people, but it’s related to my personal development so I think it’s fair game to share.)

I had an insight during my last menstrual cycle. I was snacking, mostly on microwave popcorn, which I haven’t eaten in a while. I was trying to be gentle with myself and decided to give in to the salty craving, but then I ended up eating microwave popcorn three days in a row, which was probably excessive. Then I realized a correlation: during my period, my body is releasing what it doesn’t need any longer and, instead of sitting with the emptiness, I was filling it back up with popcorn. I was unconsciously resisting the emptiness.

This was my interpretation at the time. I’m sure more was going on; perhaps my hormones were creating an actual need for salt in my body. That’s not the point. When I had this insight about filling space, it struck a chord with me, so I knew it was hitting a nerve and speaking a Truth.

The same correlation applies to clutter; clutter can be an attempt to fill up empty spaces in the environment. I had this clutter insight last week, specifically about my day-job environment. I have lots of pictures and things covering the wall of my cubicle. Some of it has personal meaning, but most of it is just visual clutter to distract me from the fact that I am sitting in a cubicle all day. Instead of beautifying the space with a few key pieces, I’m trying to cover up the beige cubicle fabric entirely, but it’s still not really soothing.

Especially in the winter, we’re exposed to empty space (winter is vata in ayurveda, if you’re familiar with that philosophy). The trees are bare. Imagine resisting the bareness of the trees and trying to cover up each one with paper leaves; it would be a waste of energy and resources. The tree doesn’t care that its bare. The tree is still a tree, and it is still beautiful.

I’m feeling a need for more space in my body and my environment, and I want to allow some emptiness.

I invite you to look at the concept of emptiness or lack thereof in your life. Are you comfortable with emptiness? Are there some places or situations where you’re comfortable with it and some where you’re not? Notice this and see where you hit any nerves. Then take a deep breath and see if you can join me a bit in allowing emptiness.



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