Posted by: Cathy | December 8, 2014

Listen to your Growing Pains

Coach Blog 120814 My friend has a broken ankle. It’s in a cast but periodically he gets a flash of pain. We hope that means it’s healing.

Growing pains can be figurative or literal. When I was younger, I remember getting aches in my legs from growing bones. I’ve also certainly felt mental pains when a creative project wasn’t working out the way I planned.

I do not subscribe to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. I think pain is sending a message to slow down or stop. I’m learning, though, that discomfort is also a message. So is boredom.

When I start a new project, there is usually some good energy propelling me forward, but that start-up energy peters out sooner or later and then I experience any of three things: frustration, boredom, or lethargy. All three are telling me to rework something. Frustration is about releasing control and being open to the process; boredom is about being too comfortable and needing to take a risk; and lethargy means I need to take a break and/or scale back my to-do list.

We all get different messages and interpret them differently. These are some messages I’ve noticed and how I interpret them. Look for your own messages and ponder what they’re telling you. Don’t wait for a painful crash and burn. Listen to your growing pains!



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