Posted by: Cathy | December 1, 2014

WIP it Good (work in progress)

Coach Blog 120114 Crack that WIP! Like a horse pulling a cart, your work-in-progress (WIP) won’t move ahead if you aren’t cracking it.

Here are some ways I crack it to get stuff done:

* Review the last thing I worked on for the project. Retracing my steps sometimes helps to reconnect me to the project and take the next forward step.

* Make a list of the next few tasks on the project. See if another task looks more interesting to me than the one I’m procrastinating on.

* Pick a task and focus on it for 15 minutes. If you can keep going, great; otherwise, take a break and acknowledge that doing a little of something is better than nothing.

* Doodle or write a little poem to shift my energy away from resisting a task and into creativity.

* Take a deep breath, turn my palms up into a receptive posture, and ask the universe to help inspire me. Sometimes I get an idea to help move forward; sometimes I connect to my intention for the task/project and that does the trick.

* Turn on some music and rock out for a song or two, or just getting up to get a glass of water. Get the heart rate up for a minute and it might boost your energy.

* If my brain is really fried, look at cute baby animal photos or relaxing nature scenes for 5 minutes, or make a cup of tea and stare out the window. Sometimes, I just need to rest my brain before I can try any of these other steps.

So get cracking! WIP it good.


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