Posted by: Cathy | November 17, 2014

Wisdom comes from experience plus time

Coach Blog 111714 I’m hesitant to do my quarterly check-in because I feel like this whole year needs a big do-over. I had lots of plans at the start of the year and various things fell through or had to be postponed. But instead of sweeping it under the rug, I figure I better mention it, because this blog is all about learning from my process and sharing it with others.

So what did I learn about a year where I got nothing done? I’m still feeling tender about it, but I’d have to say it’s recommitting me to my goals. Some things I can drop, but other things I still want to get done. My priorities are the same, but maybe I need to play with how I’m working and how I move around obstacles, because the usual way wasn’t serving me this year. I’m just beginning to figure this out, though, so I don’t have any wisdom to share yet.

Wisdom comes from experience plus time. I haven’t had enough time pass to get the wisdom from the situation, but I will keep rolling the rocks around in my mind until they become polished and show me what the essence is.

I have a feeling it has something to do with focus – maintaining focus, regaining focus, and getting granular with my focus. Maybe I need to be more specific month by month with my action steps. I have a big to-do list, but it could be better organized. At least that gives me a place to start.

If you’ve dealt with a similar issue, I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments! Otherwise, stay tuned and I keep sharing what I’m learning and I’m learning it.

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